Still not over him.


I was dating this guy. He was my first love, I was hurt by my father and I put a wall up and I never thought I could love another Male. Period. He changed it. He was my first love, he was my first kiss, he took my virginity and that is why I am pregnant. He was so excited to be a father, we came up with a name that I grew to love because he loved it. He was controlling a little bit, but I didn't care. I did everything for him. We found out that we're having a girl. He told me he loved me, bought her baby clothes. Then out of nowhere a month ago, he texted me with a "we have to break it off." Just like that. He took the money that his father gave us for her college fund as a "fuck you". And the worst part? I asked him what I did, and apparently i didnt pay him enough sexual attention when I got bigger. Because when she got bigger, my back hurt sooooo much and I couldn't even move let alone have sex. So yeah. He walked all over my broken heart and SHATTERED IT. I am scared that Lacey is gonna come out looking too much like him and I get reminded every day. Luckily, I have an amazing best friend who said she'd help me in any way she can.

Update: I went on his Instagram. Hes now dating my sister. I don't speak to her as of two weeks ago.

Update: He texted me. Angry that I didn't wish him a happy Father's Day. Now I feel bad.