BLOODY @ 35+2 (Super TMI pic) *UPDATED*


Ok so I’ve been reading about everyone’s experiences on this app and earlier this week it looked like I lost the “mucus plug” - had really slimey discharge looking stuff with brownish blood-little by little for the rest of the week I kept getting little loose bits here and there.. cut to today-

About an hour before this, I felt really dizzy out of nowhere, almost like I was falling asleep! I laid down for a few minutes, ate some fruit and seemed ok. An hour later, I was sitting and got up- felt a trickle...went to the bathroom and this GUSH OF BLOOD just came outta nowhere! 😥

I took this pic to show my doctor but it was steady trickling into the toilet and ended up all over the floor when I thought it was done.

We came to L&D, turned out I was 3 cm dilated but they still haven’t told us “why” or what caused the bleeding as it seemed to be an isolated incident; also no sex or exams prior to this occurrence. They just keep saying “Baby looks good, we’re going to keep monitoring” but haven’t said why there was bleeding.

Has anyone gone through something like this?

What did they tell you? (sorry the pic is super grosss) 🤢😵

UPDATE::: Kept us overnight, baby’s heartbeat was strong but would speed up a little then relax, seemed like she wasn’t having it.

Dr. checked my cervix the next morning and still at 3 cm, with no additional bleeding so they sent me home to let labor occur “naturally”- I asked a hundred times why so much blood and no one was able to give me an answer, it was all “we don’t know exactly, blah blah” so it really frustrates me. So far on Day 2 and nothing eventful, slight back pain but most likely from going up and down the stairs at my house (no they didn’t put me on bed rest) so I’m going to just take it easy and put my yoga ball to good use. Thank you to everyone who replied and sent positive wishes 💕