Overactive let down HELP

Elbeau • First baby boy 👶🏽 Born 6/3

EBF 2 weeks old.

He will get so much milk and even after I burp him he’ll spit it all up. But not normal spit up... like all the milk will gush from his mouth. Like a hose. Like a quarter of a bottle full of milk pouring out of his mouth LIKE A POWERED HOSE.

I’m not sure what to do. I tried changing positions from cradle to propped up football hold (definitely better, no gush and burping every five minutes) but just now in his sleep at 2:37am he spit up (normal looking) soooooo much. Like.... enough to get his entire swaddle and onesie soaked.

What is the deal? Please help! Do I just gave too much milk?