Testing out pregnyl 1500 booster


I tested out my booster last time and I am doing the same this time, everything is the same, dose, etc. the top photo is at the same point in my cycle last time, after taking the same dose of medication etc , and then the bottom is today at that point , like same drugs etc, but I thought heaps darker?? Which made me think surely if this time is darker, and I haven’t had any more of the artificial hormone than last time, then maybe that means it’s because my body is making its own?? So if today’s test line is darker than last months, it makes sense that it’s because if I’m pregnant, I’d have a higher level of HCG in my system, but it couldn’t be from the medication because my dose is the same as last month? Is that logical or crazy hahaha because it surprised me how much darker it was today!!

And each photo was taken within 5 minutes of taking the test so it’s comparing like the same with same, and each test was taken at the same time of the day (FMU) same brand (FRER) etc etc.

This technically isn’t a BFP because I’m taking hormones that have HCG in them but can post elsewhere if need be :)