Subchronic Hematoma


Was at the end of my shift at work yesterday and felt a light gush feeling and went to the bathroom. Dark red blood(no clots, maybe 2 ounces.) I froze and felt numb. I drove to the hospital for an ultrasound and blood work. My husband and I were there for 6 and a half hours. Of course they wouldn’t let me see the ultrasound (in case worse case scenario.) The Doctor finally came in to say it was a tiny subchronic hematoma between the uterine wall and placenta forming. I had a slight idea as to it being that but wasn’t sure. I’m exactly seven weeks today. They were able to tell me that the baby’s heartbeat was 130 and that my HCG was in the high 30k.

Around 30% of women get a small subchronic hematoma. Only a small percentage loose the baby to it. I feel relieved and yet more cautious. We go back next week for a follow up ultrasound.

Any other mamas have this in a previous pregnancy or in this pregnancy?