Feel Sad

Yesterday i went to use the restroom at work and i notice something was wrong but i didn't what people at work know my business so i text my SO and told him that im spotting. And he ask me are you sure I told him yeah I'm sure, More to the story I came home from work and went straight to the bathroom after using the bathroom I seen a little bleeding but I was scared I call my SO to come here he's look like what wrong? I told him we need to go to the hospital because I want to know what is going with me I was crying 😭😭 because my stomach was hurting real bad when we got there I told the nurse Im having pain in my stomach and she asked would you be pregnant? I looked at her and say i might be or i don't know she seen i was in the worst pain ever so she brought me to the back so she can find out what wrong with me Im crying in pain im screaming OH MY GOD IT HURT TO BAD PLEASE STOP THIS PAIN the nurse called the doctor to see why im in so much pain . He exam me for awhile and he ask me would you be pregnant I told him idk (i don't know) he say lets do a pregnancy test and blood test and ultrasound to find out. The test came back positive but he went and did the ultrasound and find out that I'm pregnant but he say he didn't see heart beat I look at the doctor I was crying. I was hurting and I been praying for this baby and my baby gone. Im giving up on having kids I can't do it anymore I'm done. My SO and been trying for over 4 years and we get pregnant all these years and not our 1st baby gone i cant do it i dont want to go down that road again Nooo Im out .