When are BH too much...?


So I was in the hospital 4 days ago for Braxton Hicks that were around a minute long every 10 minutes. I got 2 bags of IV fluids and a shot of terbutaline to stop them because I was only 35 weeks and some change. It worked that night but I’ve still been having them and just ignoring them.

Last night they were not painful but a bit more noticeable and frequent so I decided to time them. For over 3 hours I was having so many. 12 in the first hour, 14 the second hour, 7 the third hour, 8 the fourth hour. I was in denial to go in even though my hospital said to head in if I was having over 8 in an hour or 4 in 20 minutes (which I definitely was but ignored mostly because they’re not painful and I’m not really experiencing any other symptoms other than loose stool).

I’m still contracting this morning but I slept perfect all night not waking up to them once (woke up 3 times to pee lol but that’s different 😆). Anyway, this morning they’re coming every 6-10 minutes and lasting 40-60 seconds. I’m going to try and change my midwife appointment to today since I’m still preterm and see if they can check me out.

My question is, when is too much too much? I don’t feel like they’re doing anything, they’re not very strong, I can sleep through them fine. I’m in denial to go back to the hospital but I also don’t want this little guy to come for at least another 6 days. Has anyone else dealt with BH like this? Super consistent but not painful for days or even possibly weeks before their little one came?