Anyone believe in fate?

Just wondering if anyone believes in fate with their LO’s 🥰

Did you just “know” you were pregnant? Did you just “know” it would happen then? Did you just kind of “know” something in life would happen?

Like for me, I always knew where I would go to college (or where I was destined to go). Lo and Behold, this university paid my way; the others didn’t.... I just knew in my heart my exes would never commit; even though that was years of pain. Never thought I would be “one of the lucky ones” until now.

I just knew that I was meant for a certain job and its foreign location. BOOM. Maybe it’s all strategic coincidence; but I always felt led in a direction toward these crazy things.

And with you little ones? Did you just “know” you were pregnant? Did you have any dreams? Or did your heart just say “this is it”?

Just curious!! I’d love to hear anything and everything, religious, spiritual, spooky, intuition, or even the blessings of scientific coincidence 😊