4 years together relationship over Now?

Recently me and my SO we're talking about his parents marriage and j brought up that I didn't wanna wait 7+ yrs to get married. Now our relationship is over, or it feels like it is. He proposed to me a long time ago we never got married cause of money. Lately when I've been talking about a dress or how much it cost he basically ignores me. But is always telling me why haven t we got married yet. I don't think it's fair to constantly make someone feel like you want to be married if you don't. He said now I feel like you're forcing me. I told him no if you don't want to get married then that's your choice but we both need to know what each other wants in a relationship so that were not wasting our time. Now I don't even want to be around him. I feel like everything was a lie. We're supposed to be ttc but if he doesn't even want to get married and lied about that he could also be lying about This? Which I need to know immediately I know what I want in life and not having babies or being married isn't what I see my life being like.

Edited: I'm not trying to get married immediately and as quick as I can I just want for us to both know what we want..or don't want. I also don't judge anyone who is in a long term relationship and not married yet or don't want to be that's your preference not mine