So 30 might be looking up??


Hi. So I’ll be 30 in a few weeks (dear lord, save me) and I thought I did a lot before then. I’ve traveled, had shitty relationships, switched careers, been in WAY too many weddings, be a god parent, developed genuine relationships with real, genuine people, and sex, TONS OF SEX! Like, I’m very proud of my number, as WE ALL SHOULD BE!

But up until last Sunday, oven never had period sex before. Had plenty of shower sex, car sex, sex in pubic, but never period sex. I was always scared and grossed out by it honestly. Which SUCKS because I always feel the HORNIEST on my period! And it was AMAZING!! My partner was all for it. He was gentle, fun, made me feel sexy ( which we all know is HELLA IMPORTANT DURING THAT TIME OF THE MONTH), and he didn’t push. We wanted me to like it. And I did.

I definitely think I will do this again! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻