Update***Is this prelabor?! Help please


Hi ladies! I need your opinion. I went to my last doc app. today as I am 40 weeks exactly! Well I went from being not dilated at all from last weeks app. to 5cm today. She asked if i was sure I wasn’t feeling any contractions and I said no because I honestly never had any pain this Pat week! My doc did a membrane sweep and it instantly made me bleed bright red blood but also brown blood. I’ve gotten my cervix checked at 38 and 39weeks but I only ever had a little pink tinged mucus afterwards. Now I’m home and ever since the sweep I’ve been feeling period like cramps but mostly aching in my back that’s making it hard to do anything but lay down... my doc said I might have a high pain threshold as she is sure I must have been having contractions this past week and I’m scared I’m already in prelabor because I can finally feel period-like pain but it’s a constant pain. It’s not coming in intervals like I’ve been reading on this app so I’m just confused if i might be in labor already? (FTM here🤦🏻‍♀️) I’m scared that I will wait too long to go to the hospital as I am 5cm already and it’ll be too late to get the epidural 😭


So I went to the hospital and it turned out I was contracting every two minutes!! Im not leaving here without a baby Yayy! Also freaking the f out cause I’m scared lol wish me luck !