I'm just going to vent...sorry

A little back story, my husband and I have been TTC for 3 years, I had a miscarriage a couple years ago, and we have really been struggling with all this. I don't want this venting to sound like I'm being a bitter b*tch, because that's not the case. I'm not exactly sure the point of my post, but for some reason I feel like I would feel better if I told someone about what happened and just vent a little.

My husband and I went to one if his co-worker's wedding this past weekend. Two of his other co-workers, who are married, also attended. Let's call them Ben and Tiffany. So my husband and I get in the car and start heading to the wedding (which was an hour away). After we are driving for a bit, he says he needs to tell me a little about Tiffany before we get there. He says she's REALLY nice, but she's annoying and she's just a bit much, and most of the other co-workers' wives don't like her. He said she talks a lot and tends to ramble, which is the complete opposite of me. I'm more on the quiet side. He said that she is excited to meet me and thinks we should become friends. Already, I'm a little nervous because of the way he is describing her. Then he says, oh yeah, and she's pregnant. I'm just like, "awesome 😒". Don't get me wrong, I am totally happy for other people when they are pregnant, while also feeling bummed for myself, but just a few hours prior, I had taken a pregnancy test and it came back negative, so I was already having a hard time. Then he goes on to talk about how she's only like 4 weeks pregnant, but she's constantly using it as an excuse at home. I guess she keeps telling Ben that she can't do basic chores around the house because she's pregnant. She's not high risk, nor has anything going on to prevent her from doing these things. But whatever. That's not what really bothered me.

So we get to the wedding and we sit at the same table. It's just me, my husband, Ben, and Tiffany at this table. The ENTIRE time, she would bring up the fact that she is pregnant, like every 5 minutes. In the most random ways too. Our husbands would be talking about something, and she would interrupt, pretty much just to bring up the fact she's pregnant. I get it, she's probably really excited. This is her first pregnancy, she should be, but it was starting to get on my nerves a bit.

Then later on, we get in line for food. Oh, I forgot to mention earlier. I'm about 97% sure she knows about our struggles with infertility. Ben is one step above my husband at work. So when my husband requested a day off so we could meet with our fertility specialist, he had to tell Ben why he needed the day off, because there were already 2 people off that day (which is the max number of people who can be off on any given day). So he told Ben why he needed the day off, and since Ben is married to Tiffany, I'm sure he told her. Okay, back to what I was saying. So we were in line for food. Ben and Tiffany are standing right beside my husband and I, talking to other people about her pregnancy, everyone's congratulating them. Then Ben keeps making jokes about how he needs to push Tiffany down some stairs. He needs to go find a set of stairs so he can push her down them. There's a set of stairs going up to their house, so he might just wait until they get home. You get the point. For like 10 minutes straight, he is making these comments to everyone who walks by. Ben also has children from a previous relationship (I think 2 kids), and he kept making jokes about how he did not push her down the stairs enough when she was pregnant. I'm standing there, in complete shock. This is his wife and children he's talking about. My husband starts getting annoyed by it, and can tell I'm starting to get upset, and kind of guides me away from them a bit, farther up the line.

My husband and Ben are good friends and my husband goes over to their house occasionally, so Tiffany is dead set on me coming over next time our husbands hang out. I don't think I can be around these people anymore. Heading home from the wedding, I was in such bad shape. I was pretty upset that, while we are trying to celebrate the couple who got married, Ben and Tiffany made it all about them and I had to listen to her constant comments that I'm pretty sure she made just to remind me that she is pregnant. Then Ben's "jokes". I'm already in a bad place emotionally, and that really sent me over the edge.