The whole story

I made a post before expressing my urge to get married and hiding it from my dad because he’s paying for my school. Got a lot of hate so I guess I should share the whole story.

I’m 21, and yes I live at home my parents pay my way for the most part. And I’ve been incredibly grateful for every little thing. I listen to the rules, I don’t disrespect them, I try to be a model child. But here is my issue. I have an older sister, they allowed her to get married and still helped her out, which is fine. But then I have a younger brother. The boy is 12, and has made my life so difficult, my parents allow him to steal, and do anything with no consequences. They feel it’s my responsibility to make sure he passes school since I’m the only one that can help, and yes this includes doing his homework if he doesn’t do it. I’ve protested, and they said if I don’t like it I can get out and that I’m simply being selfish. My brother only passed with D’s because he refused to do class work and of course I was the one they pointed fingers at. I live locked away in a room, and when I say that I mean there is no proof I exists there except for my belongings that are under lock and key in my bedroom because his stealing problem is so enabled. I feel like I’m in a position I’m so dependent on my parents for my school and insurances, and everything financial in my life there is no way out. I can’t sleep anymore, I barely eat, and every time I try to express my feelings I’m simply told I’m selfish. I’m here to see if maybe I am just being a spoiled brat? I cook for them clean their messes constantly, get yelled at for my brothers wrong doings, I’m not allowed out of the house, or I get lectured (I’m allowed one night a month) and I’m not involved in risky behavior. But I have been secretly engaged for almost two years, and I want to get married soon but I risk losing everything. Am I wrong for feeling so frustrated and lost?