What is going on

My almost month old daughter has firstly been awake since 9am and it’s now 12:41pm and she refuses to nap for more than 15 minutes. And she has wanted to eat every hour eating 2-4oz. I Formula feed so she usually doesn’t eat more than 4oz every 3 hours but today it’s 4oz every hour and I don’t understand. Before I feed her I try everything from diaper change, i burp her and make sure she has no gas bubbles, she’s pooped this morning already so she’s not constipated, I check her for any strands of string wrapped around her toes or fingers, I rock her, I try the pacifier. She just wants to eat eat eat and not sleep. I’m losing my mind I have things that need to get done and she’s just a miserable mess today, all she does is cry when she’s not eating... help