I need some opinions on a FR, it’s been two years since I’ve taken one.

I need opinions, it’s been two years since I’ve taken a First Response but I feel like their lines have become more unreliable, actually I’ve been having a lot of false lines on even the cheap tests that have turned out to be negative. Anyways, I took this around 6am this morning and as it developed I noticed a line but walked away for a few minutes to let it develop and came back and noticed a line. I was thinking Indent but it was so easy to see that it looks like a line, but like I said maybe these tests are even worse then they used to be I’m not sure. I haven’t been tracking but my period is due this weekend and I just have been feeling off. I have a wedding this weekend so I figured I would rather be safe and test just in case so I know to not drink.

I know it’s hard to see in the picture, the test window was super grainy? Idk it had a weird texture. I’m very disappointed with this test brand.

If you guys have had bad experiences with these tests lately let me know!