OPK advice wanted!


This is only my second month using OPK (ovulation predictor kit) and I am looking for some help. Last month, I peaked on Day 14 and the next day it was fainter so I assume I ovulated CD15. This time, I started testing on day 12 since I figured it would be around the same time but it wasn't. CD17 they were the same color (although Glow says peak

..it was really the next day) I peaked on CD18, then CD19 it went a bit lighter then said "Nearly there!" at night again so I'm confused! (I tested it twice in the same light and got different numbers). I felt a dull pain in one side briefly last night but had EWCM this morning. I don't temp so I am not sure if it has already happened. We made sure to BD (baby dance (sex)) the last 5 days in a row - CD (cycle day) 15 - CD19 (yesterday)

since I figured that was Ovulation. I thought we covered our bases...not sure we have energy for more BD'ing right now lol. I have attached the chart from both apps I use. Is it normal it went back up? Should we BD today or was that enough? It is over 48 hours now since the peak on Sunday. Fairly new to OPK strips so I would love advice, please!