I don’t know what to do :( I thought I was preg but I don’t think so anymore

Kasay • TTC #1 with my loving husband since November 2018

I am currently on cycle day 41, 4 days past AF.... I recently took a test that started having vfl. I got it on 3 different test within the last 4 days. But not dark, I really could see a line even though it was so light. I might just have line eyes though :(

Backstory this cycle I had very light spotting for 3 days with Little to no cramping. This was about cycle day 29-31. I usually bleed super heavy and have killer cramps so I was hoping it was possibly implantation. On the 5th of June I felt like a zing in my uterus/ left ovary, so I was hopeful... I spotted again on cycle day 33 very light only once when I wiped and that’s the last I had spotting...2 days ago I felt a very sharp pain similar area, but it hurt enough I yelled “OW” but it was very sharp but for literally 1-2 seconds.

I’ve been having some symptoms. For the last week I’ve been nauseous. Only off and on throughout the day, and also a heightened sense of smell. TMI my little pup had an accident like she does quite frequently, but it had never bothered me before but the smell had me gagging. Also my Hubbie picked me up for lunch yesterday and the smell of the food made me dry heave a couple times. I’ve also been experience acid reflux which has never happened and is gross!

Now today I am having cramping and I took a test this morning and it was sooo light I’m thinking it was just and indent. I don’t feel like I’m starting AF but I have light cramps. I feel so bad because my husband was so happy when I showed him the test, I should of done a digital or blood but haven’t gotten that far yet. We’ve been TTC for going on 8 months this cycle. I know it’s not super long compared to some but it’s feeling like a lifetime. I feel defeated and I hop AF isn’t coming after all.