Baby momma drama.

Mari • 21 yrs young. 💋 Bonus Momma. 👨‍👩‍👧

Okay so I don’t really have any issues out of my boyfriends baby momma we don’t argue none of that. But last night I just check through his phone just to see, there was a text to his baby moms. (Back story her new “man” or whatever was just arrested so he sent the screenshot of her “man” to her and told her to be careful who was around there child) all she responded with was “that’s not my man” he then responded by saying something along the times of “I love you baby”(quoted from her on a phone call convo) she denied it and told him to send her proof. He said he didn’t have it, it was just what his mom and I said. Then after she denied it again he says “yeaaaahhhh okkkkaaay”. So 1st of all I didn’t say she said it. I said she said hey baby when she answered the phone I don’t know who she was talking to and I have no idea what his mom said to him. I was just confirming what his mom said as it was brought up. Anyways, does it seem like he’s jealous? How do I deal with the situation. I personally feel like what his baby momma says is absolutely none of his business unless it involves his daughter.