Maternity leave help! Uk

Hi ladies & gents

This may be a long shot but i need some advice or help if anyone can.. this post may be a little all over the place so i apologise in advance

Long story..


Im now 31 weeks pregnant and suffer from pregnancy related illnesses such as sickness which means ive been off work a lot during this pregnancy. For the time ive had off ive either had it down as holidays or ive had a sicknote..

I told my employer very early on i was pregnant as i work in a factory.. i handed in my matb1 form a few weeks ago and had my health and safety meeting around 21 weeks pregnant but no one from my work has contacted me about my pregnancy since.. they havent asked about when i want to go on maternity or anything until i emailed my HR department today to set up a meeting which is now this Thursday.

Ive looked online and it says i have to give alteast a months notice of when i want to go on maternity but i didnt realise this until today i just thought id tell them i was pregnant and then theyd set up a meeting to discuss all this when they havent. What im basically getting at is because of my sickness i would like to go on maternity leave straight away but what would be the possibility of me being allowed too?

Bearing in mind because i work a factory since my health and safety meeting im basically not allowed to do much at work apart from sweep floors and built baskets (i work in a bakery) my working hours are 3am til 12pm.

If anyone has any advice or have been in the same boat id really apreciate it