At a loss

So i usually don’t post anything personal but i have to this time. So me and my husband have been together for 5 years now . We’ve been married for 3. We’re really young , im 22 and he’s 23 and we have a beautiful almost one year old . Well I’m such a happy, love everybody, type of person . I’m the type of person who volunteers at a soup kitchen , thinks of others peoples feelings 24/7 and help anybody and everybody i can . My husband , on the other hand , suffers from what i call asshole-ism. He’s not always an asshole but he does act like one a lot . Like when it comes to me, he’s never laid a hand on me , never called me a bitch, never cheated , etc but i just hate the way he lacks empathy for other people. Like he’s not mean , he just doesn’t care , which is the opposite of me. Like let’s say if someone’s going through a rough time I’m there for them and wanna help and he’s like “ that sucks, wow“ and moves on. He’ll have an answer for everything and always try to downplay peoples emotions by saying “ life’s hard, gotta suck it up” and stuff like that . I have a nephew and he needs a dad figure but he’s scared to truly open up to my husband because “ he’s too tough” and feels like he’ll belittle every emotion he has . He also has a pattern of not keeping his word, which bothers me . Like he’ll swear he’s gonna do something then just doesn’t do it . He can never see anything anyone else’s way but his . I could go on and on. I know you’re probably wondering why would i marry someone like this ? Well i feel like the longer we ‘ce been together the more i noticed . He also has a lot of great qualities like he puts me and his daughter first always , he’s funny , smart, and is always concerned about me so i know theres a heart there somewhere.But I’m now wondering if those bad outweigh the good ? Like i think he’s a good father but what about when our daughter gets older and she needs someone understanding ? Maybe I’m just in my feelings but I’m really wondering if this is even the person i should be with because even though he treats me well, what about how he comes off to other people ? My nephew is almost like my child and he doesn’t have a dad so the fact that he can’t open up to him bothers me like I want to have someone he can be close to .

How about the times I get so excited about things and he just shows no emotions ? Im such a bright vibrant person i don’t want to be dulled down. Need some advice