Definitely my last baby!

B • Eisley Summer 9-10-13 🎀 Owen Kingsley 6-19-19💙

So it’s official, my kids always try to kill me 😂 Had pre eclampsia with my daughter that ended in a traumatic csection and rough recovery. This time around I was nervous about having it scheduled but was told it would be a lot better. Well the operation itself was WAY better when not an emergency except afterwards I started fainting every time I stood up. It turned out my hemoglobin had dropped from 12 to 6.2 and I had to have a blood transfusion. Couldn’t start walking until today (two days after csection) because of the fainting so I’m in wayyyy worse pain than I was with my first csection and I’m so upset 😭 Just glad my little man is here but dang, my body can not handle having a baby this is my last one for sure!

Welcome to the world Owen Kingsley!

6 lbs 10 ounces of perfect ❤️

Owen and his sister!