Ok let’s start by saying my boyfriend never lets me set consequences or anything for his kids. It’s understandable but frustrating when I’m home more with them. Today he actually backed me on a rule I set. And the punishment was no WiFi. Well that all went down around 11 o’clock at nite, phones were taken away and such. Well now it’s 1:30 am the 4 year old woke up and the 8 year old who is suppose to be banned from WiFi got up and put YouTube on for her. The 8 year old is now just sitting there watching YouTube with the 4 year old. It’s really bothering me. Am I crazy? Should I say something? Do I let it go?

Also to all those who will comment why is the 4 year old up at 1 in the morning. Idk I woke up their dad he said to let them be.