He thinks is all fine.

This is really long but I just dont know want to do

My fiance works 7:30am - 5/6pm monday to Friday. He doesn't have to work weekends but he chooses to work at least 3 a month and I'm a SAHM with an 18 month old daughter and 39+1 weeks pregnant. Well he decided he wanted a puppy so got a puppy. We had arguments over it how it will be left to me to sort it out during the day and train it and toilet train it and feed it and play with it. He said it will be fine. I tried to compromise and said we would look at getting one next year when our second daughter will be around 1 and I will be able to have a little more time for a puppy. Anyway he promised to do what he can for it when hes home and went ahead and got a labrador puppy. He gets up in the morning let's her out feeds her plays with her then goes to work and its then all on me to sort her out. Then he comes home feeds her dinner plays with her and its like he gets all the good parts just like he does with parenthood. I'm the one that disciplines I'm the one that keeps routine he just comes home and plays with them and thats hard to accept. Shes a puppy so shes very bouncy she knocks over my daughter jumps up her and shes started trying to chew my sofa even though shes got loads of toys and I know these are all puppy be behaviours and that's not a problem but when I never asked for this extra responsibility its really taking its toll on me and its only been 4 days since he brought her home. I'm 39 weeks pregnant and getting up and down and even walking is really hard now it's hard enough running around after my toddler and keeping her entertained. I dont even have time to sit down for 2 minutes before I'm up again taking something off her she shouldn't have or letting her out because shes showing signs she needs the toilet then I've got to stand outside and make sure she does her business so I can reward her so she learns to go outside. She had an accident in the kitchen yesterday and I didn't see it and my daughter slipped over on it luckily she never banged her head but she was covered in dog wee. So I had to clean her up then lock her out the kitchen behind the baby gate so I could clean all the floor and she was just screaming. Because she was upset from falling then me putting her down but I had to clean up the pee. And I was crying the whole time to and just thinking how the hell am I going to do this alone with a tiny baby aswell any day now. Yes my fiance gets 2 weeks leave but that will whizz by and I'll be alone again. Everyone warned him about getting a puppy right now but he doesn't care about what anyone said least of all me. He just got mad. And now I'm left at home dealing with a puppy, toddler and soon to be tiny newborn baby. I'm really paranoid about my house being clean enough for the new baby and i just feel like even though I Hoover and mop everyday that my house just isn't clean and it makes me anxious. He comes home and I tell him how hard the day has been and all he says is we will get through it and I'm like no I will get through it we wont your not here to deal with it and see it unfold the way I do and to sort it out. I'm literally trying to hold this baby in as long as possible so its ine less thing to worry about. I physically cannot carry this baby for another couple of weeks but I'd rather put my body through that then have to face the reality of having a newborn, puppy and toddler. I have enough anxiety over being a good enough mum and having enough time for 2 children let alone a puppy aswell who's only been here 4 days and is already taking up most of my day I have to leave my daughter to cry so I can get the puppy outside yo avoid any accidents in the house. Or do I leave the puppy and console my crying daughter who just wants me and I feel so bad and I dont know what to do for the best. I just dont know what to do at all I dont even want the stupid dog and I know it's not the dogs fault it's his fault for getting the dog she could've had another great home but instead he was selfish and got her now instead of waiting for a year to get a dog. I don't even know how to be a mother of 2 so close in age and having this puppy around is just making me more and more anxious and nervous about having to deal with it day in day out alone.

I've spoken to him about it and all hes says is we will get through it. I've spent the last 4 days crying because I just dont know what to do and obviously I'm still going to look after the dog because it's not her fault but I really dont want her here.