EBF but don’t love it 😣


So my babygirl is 3 weeks now and I’ve been exclusively breastfeeding. We introduced bottles this week because my pediatrician said to between 3-4 weeks. She has had one a day for two days now. I have to say, it is so nice getting a break from breastfeeding when she gets her bottle and I like knowing exactly how much she’s eating.

Breastfeeding still isn’t completely pain free for me (my nipples are intact but always super sensitive) and my babygirl still cluster feeds once or twice a day... and when I say cluster feed I mean she is constantly latching/unlatching/relatching herself and this goes on for hours and it’s exhausting. It sometimes makes me feel like she’s not getting enough even though she’s gaining and making good wet diapers.

Also, it’s hard being the only one able to feed her overnight. She’s up every 1-3 hours and then she’s hard to put back down because I think she just finds comfort in being on me.

I feel guilty even thinking about switching to pumping or formula and a lot of women seem to say just push through. Just putting this out there to see how other women have found breastfeeding to be? Also curious when your little ones stopped cluster feeding?