Is this enough??


So my husband works swing shit and I work a straight day shift do our ovulation predictions really suck at the time I’m ovulating!! We’ve been trying for months but with no luck. We actually just started the ovulation test strips to make sure I’m ovulating which I am! Bad note is every time I ovulate he’s on midnight and I’m on days... last time we had sex day after ovulation and nothing happen this time only just the day before is that enough?? Really hoping so cause I have a very cute shirt made for him to tell him I’m pregnant! His twin brother and his wife are expecting and it’s been really difficult since they have been rubbing it in, which really hurts. But I’m also part deaf and hubby has been learning sign language and once I find out he’d rather keep it to our self for as long as we can. At least until someone notices I’m showing. So I think that’s extra sweet and it will only be a moment between us... ❤️❤️❤️