Birth control and sex messed up cycle?

I’ve been on and off birth control since February. What i mean by that is i would stop mid pack sometimes to save pills but i realized how stupid that was and just continue taking them regularly. I wasn’t having sex then. I lost my virginity mid may and i was back on birth control for three days after my period ended. I bled for like three days the week after i lost my virginity. (may 24-27) and didn’t bleed anymore after that. Then again the next week i bled for only two days. (Jun. 1-2). I thought it was my body having multiple periods in short time frames but now i’m having period/pregnancy like symptoms. Heavier, sensitive breasts, headaches here and there, irritability and crying spells, constipation and some white yellowish discharge but nothing else. I usually get like this before my period starts but it feels slightly different now. Apparently i’m 10 days late but i’m also irregular and VERYYYY stressed and nervous about what’s going on...Did me losing my virginity and mistaking my birth control mess up my cycle??