Omg! I can't believe it!!!


Everything about how we conceived our raindow baby was perfect! I ended up ovulating on national rainbow baby day so we did everything we possibly could to give us our best chance of conceiving! We baby danced twice, used preseed, held my legs up for a good 15-20 minutes, my husband even gave my legs a little extra shake "to try and help his little swimmers get where they needed to go"! I'm a very impatient person but usually I wait until the day before my missed period before I test but I had a really good feeling about this month so I started testing around 8 DPO and on 10 DPO i got my BFP!!!! I am so incredibly happy that it worked! I told my husband that night and he was so happy! We are hoping for a smooth and healthy pregnancy! We love our rainbow baby so much already!! 💕🌈

*please excuse my sloppy handwritting! I was shaking from being so excited!*