Am I wrong for not spending time with family?

My husband and I are temporarily living with my family for the next few weeks while we are in the process of closing on a house we are buying. I’m 33 weeks pregnant and I’ve been feeling super super miserable lately (can’t sleep, can’t get comfortable, 24/7 heartburn, random nausea and dizziness, achy and sore body, and absolutely no energy at all to the point where if I could I’d sleep all day long). My family was going to the beach today and I woke up feeling horrible again. My husband works the night shift so he was staying home and would only be awake for a couple hours in the afternoon before he’d have to head back to work again. I told them I didn’t feel like going with them and that I’d like to stay home. They got quite angry with me for not going with them, told me I need to get out of the house anyway and that getting out would make me feel better. I explained I didn’t feel good at all and that I wanted to be able to see my husband before he went to work, but they left mad anyway saying how wrong I was and that I would have a good time if I’d just go. I do get out of the house to go places, but I can’t stand the heat (I live in FL) so going to the beach didn’t sound like my kind of way to relax and feel better. And it’s not like I never see them. I’m living with them and spend almost all day with them. Was I rude for not going? I just feel so miserable and honestly just wanted to cry when they left because having them mad just made it so much worse.