2WW...symptoms already


So I am 6 DPO. This was my third round of clomid and my Dr. put me on 100mg. Holy hell I sure was hormonal!!! But anyway I got a positive OPK this past Sunday and I have had sooooooo many pregnancy symptoms since then it’s not even funny. Nausea, lower back pain, little soreness in breasts, nausea everydayyyyy lol, moderate bloating, constipation, fatigue, and I cried thinking about how good pop tarts are yesterday. Anything little thing has me choking up!!! What is going on?! I know I know it’s too early to be feeling so many things but this is technically my third pregnancy so maybe I’m feeling it sooner? Or maybe it’s twins!! Ugh why am I doing this to myself? 😭 Has this happens to anyone else and it ended up being the result of coming down off the hormones. Or being pregnant? I really don’t want to get my hopes up but it’s so hard not to when my body is going through this!! I’m losing my sanity. 😣 I just want this to be the month I get my rainbow baby 😥 this has already been a longgggggg two weeks