Irish twins 8 weeks PP Pregnant Again

Tracy • Mama to Brooklyn Faith 8.26.2010 & Ariyah Jade 4.26.2019 🦄👱‍♀️👶💗🍼& Evander Ares due 4.27.2020! 🤰💙👶🏻

I got my positive pregnancy test today at 5 dpo and got pregnant on either the day I ovulated or day before ovulation because we only had sex once on Father's Day. I cant believe I'm pregnant again and so soon. I was trying to prevent using OPKs and temping and obviously it didnt work. But It took us 15 months to get pregnant with my 8 week old baby girl Ariyah (who I also got a positive pregnancy test at 5dpo) I'm nervous because my baby girl was born with a cleft palate and what if something is wrong with this baby. Also wishing for a boy as we believe my DHs genetics caused it and it wont occur with a boy but will a girl. We also have a 8.5 year old DD named Brooklyn but she is his step daughter. I cannot believe I'm going to have Irish twins! I just pray theres only one baby bean in there and not 2 as twins run in my family. I wonder why I keep getting super early BFPs tho! I haven't told DH yet as I'm going to surprise him with cute outfits for the girls on Tuesday! I cant believe I'm going to be a mom of 3! 2 in 1 year I'm due March 8th 2020 my 8 week old birthday is April 26th 2019 and my 8.5 year olds birthday is August 26th 2010