Baby Fever


Okay so my husband and I have been together almost 12 years and married almost 5. We have had some ups and downs financially but are finally at a pretty good place. I am almost finished with nursing school in December but I will have to go back and continue some more school soon. I just turned 28 and my husband is 31 and I am BEYOND ready to have a baby. Our close friends have all had babies and the most recent within the last week. His argument to wait is that he wants to be more financially stable and have bought another house. My argument is that now is a perfect time to start trying because it can be in between school. If we wait and I go back to school it could be 2-4 years before we would try and I literally can’t wait that long. I believe you are never ready to have a baby and I’m to the point where I may tie my man to the 🤣 What is some advice to get my husband on board with at least trying.