Never give up..

Right now, I’m crying typing this because I’m in so much pain right now. I had a baby two days ago and everything has been a world wind of emotions. Not towards my baby, but to certain family members and myself. Just a just of everything, I was put on too much epidural, tore during delivery and other tears that was never dressed because they were too small, my foot is swollen beyond recognition, so I have to walk with a limp. I can’t even get up quick or sit because of my stitches. Thank God for my mother and boyfriend who have been helping me with my baby because it hurts I can’t hold him because of the pain. I can’t walk around with him in the house because I don’t want to fall with him in my arms. I still do as much as I can for him. Like, diapers of feeding, I tried breastfeeding,but my mom and my boyfriend family kept jumping on my case about just giving him a bottle. This where my emotions hit me because I want breastfeed my baby and bound it’s the only thing that made me feel like I had power until they started laughing and putting their two cents in on how I choose to raise my child. He wasn’t latching properly and he had a lot of air in his tummy. I never gave up on my baby I was legit trying to get him to latch and to be laughed at really hurt me. Today, my baby boy, really made me the proudest mom, he latched on his own today only 2 days old and not much practiced because I gave up and let my family talk my head into bottle feeding him. Since, my baby has shown me that he wants to try, I will look into breastfeeding more. I don’t care who likes it or not. The people telling about me breastfeeding either never tried it before and judged it or never had kids of their own. My mom even had the nerve to call it weird, she always told me she would respect my decision,but instead she rather push her beliefs on me and gang up on your daughter with my boyfriend auntie and uncle who, mind you doesn’t have kids. They can say “ they raised their niece and nephews.” I don’t care it’s not your kids. Don’t let people stop you, no matter how hard it is.