“You should prepare for a stillborn” UPDATED JULY 13th!


I had Harrisburg MFM and John Hopkins in Baltimore all tell my family and I we should prepare for a stillborn, that babies with the same condition as my daughters usually don’t live once they are out of the womb. “Your daughter only has one eye” etc etc

I cried, stressed, worried and faught with my husband for 37 weeks.. for 37 weeks I was scared of losing my baby girl.. well at 37 weeks they decided they were going to do a c-section and take her out. My daughter is ALIVE, and came out crying. I started crying as well, yes she has some swelling that will eventually go away on it’s own. BUT because of my loving daughter I want to tell everyone to not always go off ultrasounds, don’t think because they wear a white fancy coat that they’re always right because, here is Sophia Marie Varner born June 21st, 2019 at 10:54am weighting 5 pounds 10oz and 17 1:5 inches long.


thank you, to everyone and your kind words. Sophia is doing great, she came home after three weeks granted she is on a feeding tube and a quarter of oxygen, but as time goes on everything will work there selfs our. Both her eyes are there, however her left eye is a little smaller then her right eye, and she may or may not be blind. We are waiting for her next eye exam which is a month after her being home. She is already tying to hold her head up, and giving me signs when she is ready to eat, she does take most of her bottle however she is weaker toned and needs some help as why the feeding tube is in as a temporary help.

Sophia Marie is now 5IB 13oz and the swelling from the hydrops has gone down!! We are going to get set up with tons of doctors and early invention, but my baby girl is here, alive, breathing and at home. I am very thankful for that.