Having the family I never had...

Brenna β€’ Mommy to be August 2019 πŸ‘£

I wish that my parents were more mature and had it together,

I am stopping the abuse running in our family the cycle will end!

My fiance grew up struggling but his parents were Always there to help, unfortunately my parents are alcoholics and so is his mom, his dad isn't but he is pretty old and has bad knees.

What I wish is that I felt comfortable leaving our baby with either of our parents but I just don't 😒

I want our son to feel loved and safe, I'm also on the fence about being so cautious because I also want him to grow up thankful for what he has and strong, the only way he will think both grandma and grandpa arent good is if he hears mommy and daddy say something or never stays over there etc.... I feel like I will be living everyday cautious of what I say and do because I never want my son to feel like I did growing up. 😭 being a mommy is going to be so hard