I feel like I can't wait any longer


My period usually comes like 25 days apart from each other from end to start. I am now officially 2 days late. Been a little nauseous. Not to bad until I smell something bad like our sons 💩 lol. My boobs kinda ache and I thought it was just from wearing a bra ( cause I'm always home and only put one on when I have to go out ). I'm a little bit more tired then usual too.

I told my bff and told her that I'll wait till Monday but now I want to do it once I wake up in 8 hours. ( Sunday) .

When I was pregnant with my son I had A dream about my grandparents who passed on congratulating me on my pregnancy and then two days later I'm one day late and I tested and it was a positive.

Right now I just have a feeling that I am. I took my birth control out in the beginning of May and we've been TTC.

Does this sound crazy that I don't want to wait an extra day or days to test?