Officially a day late!


I’m usually like clock work and if anything usually a day early but she’s still stayed away! However I’m still getting bfn. Trying not to over think things as I know from experience stress can delay your periods! I feel quite calm and also moody at times which are symptoms of af for me! Tummy pains like she’s gonna come, constipation and I usually go every morning, queasy and other than that I feel normal! Had 4 pregnancies before and would always get a bfp 5 days before missed period. So this is a new one on me! I’m either just going to have a late period and she will show up today or in the next few days or I have a late implantation 🤷‍♀️ I will update when I either get my period or I get a bfp! Good luck and baby dust to you all xxx