My experience: getting high for the first time


I’m 19 and got high for the first time today.

I’ve never been to a party, never been to the club, I’ve never been the kid that went out and did those kinds of things. Don’t care if other people do, but I’m pretty chill.

My boyfriend and I had been talking about trying it for a while now, and we decided that this weekend would be a convenient time because my parents would be out of town.

Anyway, I took maybe two hits off of a blunt and had no expectations - I don’t have friends that smoke or anything so I had no idea what to expect.

We ended up having sex three times (ah-freaking-mazing) and played Minecraft after getting some lunch. Then I took a three hour nap 😂

We decided that it definitely wasn’t going to be a regular thing for us - we were so lazy and tired and both of us are typically super zoned in and hardworking. But overall it was an interesting experience.

I absolutely did NOT expect the affects to last as long as it did. We smoked around 1pm and at midnight I was still feeling it.

Anyway, if anyone has any questions or comments or suggestions for next time, lmk! Or if anyone wants to message me about it, hit me upppp(: