Please help me,it’s serious

Lately I haven’t felt safe at home,I’m 13-15(won’t put exact age)and live alone with my father.Yesterday I had a suicide attempt and was rushed to the hospital,before the ambulance got here my dad tried to stop them from coming,despite me taking a large amount of sleeping pills,when they said they had to still come,he started yelling at me and said things like”what the hell is wrong with you”why would you be so stupid” and some more things I don’t want to mention,he ended up going into complete rage and almost hitting me,later in the hospital he didn’t care to visit nor talked to me till it was time to pick me up.Later when we got home he started going into complete rage again and wouldn’t allow me to text or call my mom(who lives many states away)he called me stupid again and threatened to put me in foster care and when I told him too he got even more mad and started yelling some more.i know that was a lot but,I need advice.Im terrified to be at home and don’t want to live here anymore.There has been past times he’s acted like this but this was by far the worst.

I’m just gonna add too this,thank you for the comments so far,he knows I’ve selfharmed for 2 years as result of being raped by step dad a year ago,The case was shut down because the attorney believed we would lose because my dad kept bringing other issues(that him and my step dad had before)into the case and the defense of my step dad would use that to say he made me make it up.My dad took my phone because I called the suicide hotline and he said it wasn’t a good idea.He talks shit about my mom even after my counselor told him not too.He guilt tripped me about the hospital bill right after coming home.He believes that him being a alcoholic throughout my childhood had no affect on me nor my mother.sorry I should have explained the whole situation,I just didn’t want a long thing no one would read