I lost my baby at 20 weeks. I dont know how to go through this.


I lost my precious little baby at 20 weeks. I didnt know it was coming. I had on and off pain on abdominal area. I went to doctor n they didnt know it was contractions untill i went the second time while my pain was increasing. They had me on medication but my labour didnt stop. I delivered my baby boy right after 24 hours of admission. Doctors coudnt find the cause of this.

Its been one month. I realy want to try again as soon as possible. Pls advice me on what is best to do. What can i do that would help me more with babys wellness in the next pregnancy. What can i do to prevent the eame thing. I want babies in closer ages. I want to be pregnant again. Cx i dont know what will make me hapoy again.