Period while pregnant or just irregular period

Anyone had a normal to heavy period while early pregnant?

So In my case I had my last regular period in april 2019 came right in time and lasted the normal then missed my period on may I then took a hpt the week of my missed and got a faint positive from the cheapie test from Walmart but didn't think much of it because the line develop from 10mins to 20mins the line looks like a regular positive line but a bit lighter. Around this time I also had extreme nausea and a lot of eggwhite discharge for about 2-3 weeks

then June comes around at this point am 3-4 weeks late on my period from may on June 11 I started what I think was my period (TMI) period was light in the first two day then continue regular to heavy flow until day 5 then spotting and lots of cramping for about 3 days which is rare for me I only cramp on the first day. At this point am thinking with all the cramping if I was pregnant I probably having another miscarriage but no big clots or extreme bleeding so just forgot about everything and thought it was my regular period just being really late so I started second guessing myself because I been having strange stomach pains for a while now and am not the usual that suffer from stomach pains until recently and not just that but I usually get my stomach flatten after my period but this time my stomach stayed the same bloating as when I had my period and instead of it going down am getting more bloated and just feeling hip pains and groin pains alot like my last pregnancy which ended in a miscarriage at 6 weeks but when I miscarriage last time I bleed for about one month straight