Boyfriend did not care when I told him I had cancer?

I got a call the other day that I tested positive for Stage 1 non Hodgkin’s lymphoma. I wanted to tell him over the phone since I think texting was not appropriate. Yesterday, I called him and the first thing he said was to “show him something” as in nudes. He just kept going on and on about his vacation and didn’t give me time to tell my news. Then, the call was breaking up and I heard him yell at me like it’s my fault even though it’s his shitty service. Then he said good night because he was too mad to talk to me anymore. Anyways, I told him over text that I texted positive and I said good night then he said “ok”. Well this morning I woke up and he sent me a long paragraph about how I’m inconsiderate because “he was tired and I was pushing the conversation over text so I was emotionally raping him”. Am I expecting a bigger reaction I feel like “ok” is just rude.