So I’ve been in a LDR (long distance relationship) for over two years now, when we first met things were super hot and sexy. We met in a Kik group that was for men who enjoyed plus size ladies. The group was super sexual and he and I would get sexy in the group then in private messages. After about a year we decided we were actually falling in love and started having date nights. As we started getting closer the sexy times slowed and then kinda stopped all together. I’m a super sexual person especially when I love someone, I tend to crave sexual attention from them. So for the last year it’s been me sending videos, pictures, and audio but he hasn’t sent me anything. We talk about it but I feel bad because I don’t want to make him feel forced. All of this has lead to me having nightmares of him fucking other women and even in my dream me telling me he can have sex with anyone while I stay home and cry. I don’t know if this is just my insecurities or if it’s my subconscious picking up that I feel like I can’t turn him on or peak his interest in me sexually. He does tell me that he finds me attractive and thinks I’m sexy, I just don’t feel it. Any advice about how to maybe reignite the spark in a LDR or on some ways to maybe work on my self esteem?