Subchorionic hematoma at 6 weeks


So my name is Jaylynn my trans partner and I did at home insemination with a lice donor. We got our bfp !!! Then one day I saw blood I went to the er and was scanned baby was doing great at 56k hcg level and a heart beat of 120 however a 4.7 mm hematoma was found I was placed on bed rest pelvic rest and no lifting until further notice yesterday I sat on the toilet and out came a very large clot I rushed back to the hospital where they did another scan and more bloodwork babies heart rate is now one 141 bpm and my hCG has rose to 84k!

it is a scary time for us however Dr. say 90% of women who have one have healthy babies as long as I do what I am supposed to and that is pretty much nothing The hematoma grew to 10 mm it can either reabsorb come out heal or abrupt and take my baby with it, it is very scary but I have high hopes that this baby is a true fighter and it’s hanging on for dear life right now please pray for my family and I and our peanut