Should I go to ER? Trouble breathing after csection.

B • Eisley Summer 9-10-13 🎀 Owen Kingsley 6-19-19💙

Came home from the hospital yesterday after having a csection on June 19th. My hemoglobin dropped really low and I had to have a blood transfusion while there. During my whole stay I kept feeling like I couldn’t breathe. The way I can explain it is it feels like my lungs can’t fully expand because there are other things in the way. I also have pain in my spine and lower back. I told the nurses and they said it was probably just stuck gas since I had to stay in bed for two days straight thanks to the low hemoglobin (couldn’t stand without fainting). Well I STILL feel like I can’t breathe. I’ve been walking around trying to get any trapped gas out but I feel like it would have resolved itself by now. Has anyone dealt with this before? And if so, how long did it last? Of course I googled and things like blood clot and fluid in the lungs came up and so I’m kind of scared. The nurse said my oxygen levels were fine hence why they said most likely just gas but I’m so paranoid. Should I just go back to the ER and make sure everything is ok? I know obviously I should go with my gut but just wanted reassurance if this has happened to anyone else that I shouldn’t freak out because I’m legit afraid I may die if it’s a clot.