My husband is a total pushover!

Okay so tell me if I'm wrong. My son is 18 months old and I'm pregnant with our 2nd due in August.

My husbands parents suggested we get them a carseat for what I thought was to help me out and spend more time with their grandson once the baby is born. So we bought them a carseat and hooked it up.

Today my husband tells me they want the carseat so that they can pick their grandson up and bring him to church which I totally have an issue with at the moment...

1. My son has a noise sensitivity issue and becomes very anxious and withdrawn and cries around large groups of people or strangers.

(Pediatrician suggested we avoid the types of activities in the meantime)

2. My son is not even old enough to understand why he is at church. At this point they want to bring him to show him off... maybe once hes 3 or 4.

3. I feel like they need to spend more one on one time with him.

4. They're extremely religious and I dont want them forcing religion on my children.

My husband never ever tells them no or talks about what we agree on in private. It's frustrating.

*To add: We tried church on Easter Sunday & he screamed and cried the enitre time. Wasn't enjoyable for him or us as parents.