I have this awful feeling.

I don’t even post on Facebook often anymore because I feel so strongly insecure about it.

My moms side of the family always “likes” one of my cousins posts on Facebook and never mine.

For example: It’s my grandpas heavenly birthday so this morning I shared a picture of him and I this morning- a beautiful picture. I have 1 like. Not even from someone related to me. My cousin posted a picture 3 hours ago and has 12 likes mostly from people from my moms side.

I feel ostracized constantly.

That’s just one example of it.

Even my siblings get “happy birthday” and what not...but not me!

I post a picture from my wedding...some of them that were there wont even give me a measly “like”...

It’s not even the likes I want... it’s the acknowledgement and love that I see other family members getting.

I feel like I am being treated so rude. I comment on their stuff and say I’m happy for them, happy birthday, etc.

I brought it up to my mom, and she told me flat out that they are probably just jealous/envious of me because of what I have at my young age. (25) I got married last summer, have a great job, nice house, great husband... but I don’t boast it so I’m nor sure why they would hold it against me for doing well...when others so well I’m the type to congratulate not demean them.

I shit you not, I just want love and the attention that everyone else gets. I’m left out and feeling sad for myself which I HATE doing but how can you not feel sad when you have a gut feeling no one likes you ...not even blood relatives :( 💔