cycle messed up bc of birth control?

i’ve been on and off birth control (ik very bad for body) but i couldn’t be consistent with it bc if stress and anxiety. But this whole month has been weird for me. I haven’t had a full period since may 11-15 and i lost my virginity three days after it ended then the following week i bled for three days (may 25-27) then bled again june 1-2 but it was lighter. My periods sometimes are irregular it just depends but my period should’ve came by now. I’ve very active with my boyfriend. I’ve had heavy boobs for a week now and my mood changes sometimes but not drastically and i’m always want to eat. Also experiencing white sticky or creamy discharge (it changes). Is this normal before AF shows and hopefully not pregnancy? Or did birth control disrupt my cycle since i would take it for a week then stop then take it again ?