Beyond furious


I really don’t know how we as women are supposed to respect our husbands when they don’t have a ounce of respect for us as women. To God women not respecting there husband is a sin. But I’m so frustrated I’m in tears. I slaved away making dinner baked a whole chicken which y’all know takes like 4 hours then I made mashed potatoes and his favorite veggie corn. Meanwhile I’m waiting for the chicken to be ready I’m running up and downstairs to keep up with the laundry. He originally got mad because he took a shower I asked for his dirty clothes to add them to the wash he said they’re not dirty I said they’ve been on the floor they’re dirty we went back and forth for about five minutes and mind you he wouldn’t give me the clothes so I said stop acting childish. He gets upset and storms upstairs. Fast forward to dinner is ready. I ask him if he wants to eat what I cooked he said yes I made his plate first before the kids as a sign of respect. I sat the plate down in front of him and walked away to fix the kids food. He says I don’t like the sauce you put on the chicken I said ok take it off. Then I go to fix my own food because I had not ate since lunch and it’s now 8:30 at night I’m exhausted and hungry. So I sit down at the dinner table to eat. I look over and he is standing at the island counter looking at a profile on Instagram so I watch him. He then swipes backwards to a message I could see he sent a few messages but whoever it is hasn’t messaged him back yet. Then he goes to another profile clicks on the picture and ITS A WOMAN he stands there looking at it. My heart sinks my appetite vanishes. I turn my face because I don’t want to see anything else. I want to scream. I want to walk up and smack the living shit out of him because I’m pissed at what I just witnessed. I just wonder why are we married if I’m not what you want if you still desire someone else. Because I don’t I never to talk to any guys or worse look at there profiles in a space where I could be seen. I’m hurt and I’m left thinking why am I not enough? Oh and to top it all off my period is 8 days late.