HELP!! I’m 1 dpo and feeling symptoms??


I know 1 dpo is too early to feel any symptoms but on the 17th and 21st I felt nauseous and I threw up both times but went to sleep and woke up feeling completely fine both times. Then on the 22nd I was walking through the grocery store and my mouth started almost watering at the thought of Mac n cheese (my last pregnancy I craved Mac n cheese) although, when I’m hungry and food would be in front of my mouth, I felt disgusted and didn’t want to eat it but I wanted food.

Anyways today I’m 1 dpo and today I ate 4 tacos and a whole piece of cake and felt like I could just keep eating and normally I can’t eat more than 3 tacos until I feel like I’m going to burst so that kind of makes me really suspicious. I also woke up with a very hard stomach but it went away once I started getting ready within a matter of minutes.

I took a test the 24th (I know it’s too early) because I was having those symptoms of nausea and it was 100% negative.

Maybe I’m over-evaluating things but I feel like I might be pregnant just because of how much I ate and never got full as well as bloating but I usually get quite a bit of it everyday. Let me know what u think please!!!!