I’m a first time mom to start things off. My son is a month old tomorrow. My boyfriend and I lived with his parents. I was trying to find a house for us but he told me we could just live with my dad an hour away (my dad said it was okay) because my boyfriends parents house was too small and my dad lives in a 5 bedroom house by himself. So we could have our own room and the baby could have his own room. Well 3 weeks before I was due my boyfriend no longer wanted to move because he works with his dads company and has been working with him for years and wasn’t comfortable leaving. So I tried finding houses in that 3 week span and had absolutely no luck. So we decided I’d stay at my dads and he’d come visit on the weekends. Well I don’t like staying at my dads so I’ve been pretty much house jumping I stay at my moms with her boyfriend during the week I feel uncomfortable because I hate her boyfriend and I stay with my dad during the weekend because my mom won’t allow my boyfriend to stay at her house because he smokes weed🙄 I’m just so sad because for the last 2 weeks my mom has been upnorth with her boyfriend and I’ve been alone at her house with the baby. I absolutely hate being alone. I’ve still been looking for houses but nobody will let me move in because neither of us have credit and every call back I get they tell me to get a credit card and try house hunting in 3 months when my credit score is up. They don’t understand I DONT HAVE 3 FUCKING MONTHS!!! I need my own house like YESTERDAY! I can’t get back to work until I get a house because my job is an hour away and there’s no way in hell im driving an hour to work and an hour back with a newborn! So I’m just stressed and sad and needed to vent.